Aga Saga ˝ Pint Mug

1st February 2016

Aga Saga ½ Pint Mug

To tie in with the launch of Emma’s new book Pattern, your next Collectors Club exclusive piece is an Aga Saga ˝ Pint Mug, available from Thursday 18th February.

Aga Saga was first developed in 1995 where kitchen icons – this time consisting of kitchen table, chair, radio, ironing board and of course an Aga cooker, with a kettle, and a coffee pot – were all rendered at doll’s house scale. At this time Joanna Trollope’s masterly novels about domestic life as lived in old rectories, around Gloucestershire village greens and in Bath terraces were gaining terrific popularity, which prompted some journalist or reviewer to coin a slightly acerbic collective term for this genre – the Aga saga. It pleased me to adopt this title, unironically, for I much admire her closely observed writing and I knew instinctively that many of my customers felt the same; moreover, lots of them confess to a deep love for their own Aga cookers.

The Aga Saga mug will be available to buy from the Members Area of the website from Thursday 18th February, and Pattern can be pre-ordered now.

1st February 2016