Collectors Club Open Days Ė Update

14th March 2016

Collectors Club Open Days – Update

Thank you to everyone that has applied for tickets for this yearís Collectors Club Open Days at the Emma Bridgewater Factory. Due to the volume of entries we hope you understand that it is taking us a little longer than expected to sort through them.

This year we are holding four open days, over two weeks, meaning that we can offer more tickets than ever before. We had hoped to be able to offer tickets to everyone that applied, but the demand for tickets this year has been far higher than we could have predicted, so unfortunately this isnít something that we are able to do. We thought it would be helpful to explain our ticketing system this year and hope that the information below is useful.

  • - Each collector will only be allocated a maximum of one ticket, regardless of how many times their name was entered into the draw, so that more people can come and enjoy the Open Days
  • - Duplicate entries, for example where a group of 4 people have all applied using each otherís names, will only be counted once
  • - In order to check for duplicate entries we require the first name and surname of your guests Ė if we donít currently have this information you will be contacted for more information
  • - Children under 16 can attend for free and donít need a ticket, please just let us know in advance once you have been allocated to. Children will not be allocated Specials tickets but they are very welcome to accompany you on all activities throughout the day
  • - To keep the ticketing system as fair as possible the tickets are non-transferrable, so if you or your guests are no longer able to attend please let us know
  • - If you know now that you are unable to attend or no longer wish to be entered into the draw please email as soon as possible
  • - For 2017 we will be offering even more tickets, and priority will be given to Collectors that arenít able to attend in 2016

Successful applicants will be picked at random and we are aiming to contact these Collectors by the end of March, please bear with us.

14th March 2016