Collectors Club Event Ticketing

14th December 2016

Collectors Club Event Ticketing

We often get asked about how tickets are allocated for our Sample Sale events which we hold throughout the year at our Factory in Stoke-on-Trent, so we wanted to clarify this for our members.

How do I find out about Collectors Club events?
We post details of all of our events here on the Members Page Ė we no longer put tickets on sale straight away and instead ask our Collectors to apply via an online form and we then contact successful applicants by email (from with details of how to purchase tickets. We will always try to give as much notice as possible of our upcoming events.

How many tickets are available for each of your events?
We usually have around 80 tickets available for each event we run.

How do you make sure people arenít in the draw twice?
We remove all of the duplicate entries by checking the first name, surname and email address for the Collector and their guest, if they are applying for two tickets. We would like to remind our Collectors to only apply once for each event, this keeps the system fair for everyone.

How do you choose who is offered tickets to your events?
Once we have removed all of the duplicate entries, we then check against the lists of attendees of previous Sample Sale events (we will always let you know which events these are, so you know whether to apply for the next event or not *). If you havenít been to one of our last three Sample Sale events, you will be on our priority list for the next event if you apply, and we randomly select from this list when allocating tickets. We allocate tickets for our events up to the week before and we will always allocate tickest to people on our priority list, rather than someone available at late notice. *Please note that we do not check against the attendees of our Summer Open Days.

If Iíve been offered tickets but canít go, can I transfer these to the next event?
Unfortunately not, but you will still be on the priority list for the next event if you apply - being offered tickets doesnít count as coming to the event.

Why canít I transfer the tickets to another Collector?
We work really hard to make sure that we remove duplicate entries and the people that have recently attended a Sample Sale, and by giving tickets to another Collector it means the tickets arenít going to someone on our priority list.

What if I need to bring my child or need someone to drive me to the event?
Please just let us know in advance, we are very happy to provide lunch and refreshments if you need to bring someone with you.

Iíve never been allocated tickets, why is this?
Do keep trying! We are always looking for ways to run more events, and if you havenít attended before that means you are given priority for the next event when you apply. However with 80 tickets per event, unfortunately we arenít able to allocate tickets to everyone that is eligible.

How do some people attend more events than others?
In the majority of cases it really is the luck of the draw, we really do our very best to check the names of applicants and their guests against our lists of previous attendees. We do our best to check through all of the entries and keep the system as fair as possible but we do also rely on our Collectors to only apply once too.

Can you start selling Samples on
Unfortunately as our Samples are one-off pieces, we couldnít set up individual items to sell on our website. Also, these pieces donít go through our selection process so need to be sold Ďas seení.

What happens to Samples left over after an event?
Some Samples will be saved for our next event, and others which have been offered at a previous Sample Sale will go to the Factory Shop. As these pieces are Samples, they can only be bought in the shop and we are unable to post them out, sorry.

Why canít you just run more events?
The Samples we sell at our events are one of the reasons that the events are so popular and oversubscribed Ė as our Samples come from the designing of our upcoming ranges, we canít simply make more of them, it really does depend on how much sampling is needed to get to the products you see on our website and in our shops.

We hope this is useful, our next event will be taking place in January and you can find out more hereu>a>.

14th December 2016