Easter Decorating | How to Make Marbled Eggs

Easter Decorating | How to Make Marbled Eggs

Easter is another great excuse to spend time crafting and baking with your family. There are lots of brilliant ways to make Easter decorations - mugs filled with Easter nests or potted plants, pussy willow adorned with hanging decorations, freshly picked posies popped in jam jars and marbled eggs piled up in bowls.

Fair warning, be sure to have paper towels at the ready for this one!

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How to Make Marblised Easter Eggs

What you'll need

Eggs (Use our guide for how to blow out your eggs below).
Food colouring 
Olive oil
A few small bowls
Shallow bowl or dish
Paper towels 
Wooden skewer

How to blow out an egg

Use a pin or needle to poke a hole in both ends of an egg.

Hold the egg over a bowl and blow into one of the holes. If you’re struggling to get the egg white and yolk out, you can use a wooden skewer to make the hole a little bit bigger.

When the egg is empty be sure to give it a rinse (gently!).


How to marble your eggs

Add water to a small bowl (enough to submerge your egg), add two tablespoons on vinegar and a few drops of food colouring.

Add your egg to the bowl carefully roll to coat it in the dye.

In a shallow dish or bowl, prepare your second dye. You only need about ½ inch of liquid for this step.

Add a tablespoon of olive oil and run a skewer or folk through the liquid. Place your egg in the dish and roll around to create a fun marbled pattern.

Remove the egg and gently pat dry with a paper towel and leave to dry.

Be sure the egg is completely dry before decorating!