How I live now: Small Pleasures

When the lockdown was announced, like everyone else I felt a wave of big emotions: in my case shock, swiftly pursued by panic which I felt honour bound not to reveal, then disbelief- and so on.  Over the ensuing days I made all sorts of bold undertakings, most of which I mercifully kept to myself, as I have not yet got down to most of them. Hmm. I guess I may still have time ahead to tease myself on these resolutions. 

Now, in our third week of isolation, I am pleased with myself if I manage to keep decent hours, stick to regular meals and get one useful thing done in the day: anything over and above is EXTRA.

And I admit that I enjoy small everyday creative projects. One of which is laying the table. This is usually more rushed, and tho it is always made up from the same collection of things, my usual habit is to mix pretty freely.

But especially now, with time and to spare, and a heightened need for domestic happiness, I am enjoying being (a little bit) more ordered, and at breakfast in particular.

I like choosing a slightly different combination of crockery every day, bearing in mind that coffee and toast, varied occasionally with a boiled egg or a grapefruit are delicious, but everything benefits from a bit of presentation. Moreover, it makes me feel that if I can regulate the details and make ordinary meals a bit nicer than usual, then the gigantic uncertainties are less unnerving.

Here are some combinations I'm liking at the moment. Obvs I don't usually lie the mugs on their sides and stuff, but that's just so you can enjoy the designs.

As I review these hasty snaps, I do wish I had a couple of new pieces, particularly in the sunny yellow combinations.