How to Plant a Tree | The Queen's Green Canopy

How to Plant a Tree | The Queen's Green Canopy
Inspiration Winter

In support of The Queen's Green Canopy initiative, Emma and Jayne - our factory gardener, have planted some trees at our Stoke-on-Trent factory.

Find out more about how to get involved in the project below, including how to plan, plant and protect your new trees.


Before you get going, think about where you will be planting your tree (or trees). Consider how you will use the space as well as the size and spread of the trees. There are many varieties to pick from, all of which have different characteristics and needs. The trees planted at our factory are Victoria Plum and Bramley Apple, as these are most useful in the kitchen and have beautiful blossom - we're looking forward to chutneys and pies when the fruit comes!

If you can, it’s important to pick your tree from a local nursery (ours came from Proctor's) who grow their trees on British root stocks.

Secure a healthy tree and, if in doubt, before purchasing be sure to ask for advice on your saplings and what trees are recommended for your local area.

You can also support the project by planting a tree from seed. Many tree seeds can be sown in springtime, after storage over winter. Check the seeds you have as other trees must be sown fresh in the autumn. 


Plant & Protect

A happy tree needs plenty of light and water. The Queens Green Canopy recommends that you remove any overgrown weeds, especially grass which will compete with the tree for light, nutrients and water.

What you’ll need:

Young trees (saplings)
Spade and Gardening Fork
Cane or stake to support the tree guard or spiral

Step one

Dig a hole that is large enough for some good organic matter or manure and the tress full root ball.  Keep the soil you dug out close by as you’ll need it to refill the hole.

Step two

Put the tree inside the hole – making sure the base of the tree's stem (i where the roots begin with the surrounding ground. Make sure that none of the stem is in the soil.

Step three

Firmly hold the tree and with the soil you dug out, refill the hole.

Give the tree a good 'healing in' with your boots to make it secure (being careful to avoid the tree). This is to make sure there are no air pockets.

Step four

Once the tree is secured in place, press the cane or hammer the stake into the soil a few inches away from your tree’s base, taking care not to break any of the roots.

Step five

Place your spiral around the cane and sapling or fit your tree guard over the tree and attach to the stake.

Finally, place a full bucket of water to settle the soil around the roots and give it a drink.


Your newly planted tree will give life to, and support, the wildlife in your local ecosystem for years to come.

You can find more information and get involved in the initiative on The Queen's Green Canopy website