New in! Beeswax Wraps

Have you seen the brand new collection of The Beeswax Wraps Co. wraps in delicious Vegetable Garden and Fruits patterns?

Browse the full collection here. Bon appétit!

Read our Q&A below with Fran, the founder of The Beeswax Wrap Co., where she shares inspiration behind the brand, important information about Beeswax Wraps and her favourite Emma Bridgewater pattern on a Beeswax Wrap!

Tell us about the inspiration behind and how The Beeswax Wrap Co. got started?

The Beeswax Wrap Co. seed was planted when I was training to become an acupuncturist. During my training I learnt a lot about how the environment and how the things we touch and consume impact and affect our bodies, particularly plastics. This spurred my passion for a more natural lifestyle; less plastic, less chemicals and more sustainable choices when it comes to the products I buy and the way I live. I made some simple swaps straight away, but really struggled to replace cling film. In 2017 after some research I learnt about beeswax wraps and began making them for myself, family and friends. Demand got bigger and bigger from everyone I knew, so I spent six months developing our secret wax blend to make the wraps perfect and then started selling at markets and set up my own website. The rest is history! 

Can you tell us the process for making Beeswax wraps?

Every single one of our beeswax wraps is handmade, from the cutting of the fabric right through to the packing in our solar powered workshop in the Cotswolds. We start by creating our secret wax blend; a mixture of locally sourced British beeswax, organic jojoba oil and pine resin. It’s important to get the balance just right to ensure our wraps are long-lasting, flexible and super adhesive. Unfortunately the part where we infuse the fabric with wax is super secret, the way we do this ensures that our wraps are really durable and will last a long time. After the secret bit, it’s all about folding and packing in our carbon-neutral, recycled card packaging. 

How long does a Beeswax Wrap last for?

With the right use, care and upkeep, they can last for years! Make sure you wash with only cold water (washing up liquid and a good scrubbing brush is a-okay!), and avoid any heat when using and they’ll be in perfect condition for at least six months depending on how often you use them. After lots of use, they may go a little floppy and lose their adhesive finish, but this can easily be resolved by refreshing your wrap using an iron or electric oven. After about a year, we recommend rewaxing with our secret-blend rewax bar, and your wraps will be as good as new again!

What do you use your Beeswax Wraps for the most?

For keeping all of my food fresh! Once we developed our wraps, we quickly learnt just how brilliant they were for keeping your salad leaves crunchy, your fruit fresh and for keeping half opened food fresh for days after opening. The natural properties of the wraps; the breathable organic cotton and the natural antibacterial nature of beeswax; is perfect for letting food breathe without collecting any nasty bacteria or fungi which can cause mould. We can now keep a loaf of bread fresh for over a week, and Which? have done some brilliant tests to show well our wraps keep opened food fresh.

Which is your favourite Emma Bridgewater pattern on a Beeswax Wrap?

It’s so hard to choose! I love the white toast collection because we worked with Emma Bridgewater on a bespoke design that reads ‘keep your sourdough fresh & watercress crunchy!’. Our customers favourite is definitely the classic Emma Bridgwater bee and polka dot design. The new prints are also a personal favourite, they remind me of Summers abroad buying fresh food from local markets for alfresco family feasts.