The Queen's Green Canopy Initiative

“Plant a Tree for the Jubilee”

The Queen's Green Canopy is a not-for-profit initiative that will run throughout the jubilee year - and we are proud to be supporting them! A donation of £5 will be made for every Jubilee Tree Planting 1/2 pint mug you buy, to support this worthwhile cause. 


In June 2022 The Queen celebrates her Platinum Jubilee. One of the many ways to show our appreciation, is to do as she suggests, and plant trees across the United Kingdom for The Queen's Green Canopy initiative. 

The campaigns target is to plant a million trees internationally. If you choose to plant a tree (or indeed many trees, or a hedge, perhaps even an avenue) then you can go on the official website and dedicate your saplings to this constructive and positive initiative. 

The healthiest tree is the most local one, adapted to the soils and climate where it is to grow. Collecting and planting tree seeds later in the year (acorns, chestnuts, sycamore keys etc) at home, for future local trees.

Currently we are importing millions of tree saplings which is wasteful, not environmentally friendly and inefficient, not least because we have already imported many dangerous tree viruses thanks to this practice.

We need to restore our ability to generate our own trees as we all lean into ambitious and positive carbon offsetting commitments - we need local tree nurseries, big and small! Even a row of walnuts, conkers and apple pips in yoghurt pots is a step in the right direction – and if handled correctly, these homegrown saplings will flourish into healthier trees, which will sequester more carbon.

For the full information on the initiative and for how to get involved, visit The Queen's Green Canopy.