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Time for Tea

The British certainly do love a cup of tea! So much so, in fact, that they consume over 165 million cups every day.

We’ve ventured into the world of tea, sharing with you our findings about the quintessential Great British habit. No Emma Bridgewater personalised mug, teapot or cup & saucer would be complete without its tradition-steeped steaming infusion of flavour!

We have discovered that there are in fact 5 main tea leaf types: white, green, oolong, black and pu-erh. These tea leaf types form our favourite tea flavours such as Earl Grey; which is actually a black tea flavoured with bergamot orange peel.

As well as caffeine, our beloved cups of tea also deliver health benefits in addition to playing a part in our daily diet. Tea is not only the source of an appealing taste; it also provides a variety of added benefits. These include important vitamins and minerals, along with the heart-quickening stimulant, theophylline… easy to see why the beverage is so popular with The Brits!

Did you know that as avid tea drinkers we may fall under a particular ‘tea category’! Some of us may be ‘Escapist’ drinkers that unwind with a rewarding tea break; whereas a fair share of us may say that we are ‘habit’ drinkers, as we drink endless cups of tea throughout the day out of pure habit!

Whichever type of tea drinker you may be, you are playing a part in making up the 165 million steaming cups of tea consumed in Britain daily. So why not put the kettle on, put your feet up and dip into the world of tea with our delightfully infused graphic… enjoy!