Behind the Design: Wildflower Walks

Behind the Design: Wildflower Walks

This season we have created several new spongeware and illustrative patterns as part of our Wildflower Walks collection.

The collection has been inspired by the beauty of Springtime and nature’s wildflower meadows- large and small. By leaving the mower in the shed you can inexpensively create a beautiful and sustainable wildflower meadow, providing precious habitats for all kinds of creatures acting as nature’s little caretakers. This does vary of course, depending on where you live, but look out for Moon Daisies, as well as a fairy abundance of common daisies, all with stalks long enough for spectacular chains. Dandelions, Bluebells, Buttercups, Poppies & Violets…

Sit back and watch your garden hum again with activity, the insects flock in and hedgerows begin to buzz back to life as we usher in the new season.


Wildflower Walks Sketches

The designs were developed, almost solely, by real life observations of wildflowers. Our design team took a close look at some of their favourite flowers, experimenting with colour, scale and combinations of different flowers and insects. They also made reference to several brilliant and informative books including What to look for in Spring by E.L. Grant Watson & C.F. Tunnicliffe  (Illustrator), Fields and Lowlands by Derrick. Boatman and Rivers, Lakes and Marshes (Natural History of Britain & North Europe) by Brian A. Whitton.

Wildflower Walks Inspiration

After working up a pattern, the team moved onto styling, looking at how the pattern could be sponged on the full collection of pottery shapes and textile pieces, playing with layout and colourways.

Wildflower Walks Sponge Painting