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How To: Gather Seeds and Grow a Tree

How to grow plants from seed yourself at home.

Emma Bridgewater x Stripe & Stare

May your tea be hot… And your knickers be comfy.

Sarah Raven: Decorate for Christmas with Paperwhite Narcissi

Sarah Raven has shared with us a beautiful winter flower table centre guide.

Collector's Edit: @wild_thyme123

We had a chat with an EB Collector, Bev Dewhirst about all things Emma Bridgewater, home comforts and the joys of christ...

Behind the design: Snowberry

This season we have created a beautiful spongeware design, Snowberry... we share the story behind the pattern and its creative ...

Emma Bridgewater Pumpkin Stencils

Get your pumpkins at the ready this Halloween.

Christmas at the Factory!

Create your own Christmas wreath, learn to screen print a bespoke set of Emma Bridgewater patterned Christmas cards or decorate...

Setting the Christmas Table

Holly is starting to set its berries, the ivy is flamboyantly trailing. Everywhere nature is reminding us that the winter solstice will soon be upon us, and that it is time to s...

Getting Ready For Christmas

A family Christmas is always rich with traditions. Every family will have their own particular rituals, creating special moments which bind them together at this jolly time of y...

Create a Cosy Home

There is the undisputedly cosy feeling of knowing that, for the next few months, your home is going to be your sanctuary.

Christmas Stocking Fillers

Of the many family Christmas rituals, late-night stocking stuffing has to be up there with the best of them.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Explore our Christmas gift ideas and find a present that they’ll treasure for years to come.