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Scones with butter and jam

All that's left is the great British debate, jam first or cream?

Why Everyone Needs a Butter Dish

Salted or unsalted? Where does your preference for butter lie?

Cocktail Recipes: Spring Gin

A few delicious cocktail recipes…

Behind The Design: Making Mimosa

We use litho decorating for our more complicated and detailed patterns such as our new Mimosa mug...

Recipes For Your Enamel Cookware

We have picked a few scrumptious recipes for you to try in your enamel cookware...

Around the Easter Table

Prepare for the Easter weekend with our table setting inspiration and decorating ideas.

International Women's Day 2024

Emma ON - putting pencil to paper, dreaming BIG, the joy of quilting and more.

Easter Gift Guide

What will the Easter bunny bring? Send a sweet surprise ahead of the Easter weekend with our selection of Easter gifts.

Easter Baking: Hot Cross Buns, Cornflake & Simnel Cakes

Try our simple and delicious recipes with the whole family in the run up to the Easter weekend.

Emma Loves: B Corp

Emma speaks about what it means to her to be a certified B Corp.

Hooray we're a B Corp!

Why is being a B Corp business important to Emma Bridgewater...

Behind The Design: Lovely Geraniums

My whole house is full of them- not just the windowsills...