Create a Creepy Crawlies Garden Oasis


This #NationalWildlifeDay we’re thinking of ways to protect and nurture wildlife. So if you can, why not leave an area of your garden to grow wild as a home for creatures and critters or build a bug hotel to offer the most luxurious accommodation for creepy crawlies.

Here are a few simple ways we can all help the creepy crawlies and bugs to thrive in our back gardens – you’re sure to get a 5* review from visiting wildlife!


- If you have grass, let it grow! This will allow space for many plants and creepy crawlies to thrive. Alternatively, leaving the grass to be cut every four weeks gives plants, such has daisies, the chance to flower and boost nectar production.

- Building a bug hotel can create shelter for all the important insects in your garden. Search around your garden for rocks, stones, twigs and larger pieces of wood (even better if it’s dead, rotting wood). Some insects like cooler hiding places while others prefer the sunshine, picking somewhere which gets both sun and shade throughout the day will keep all hotel guests happy!
For a simple bug haven, you can place stacks of wood, rocks and twigs around your garden.
Or create a bigger bug hotel with stacks of wooden grates and recycled wood, then fill the gaps with dead wood, dry leaves, loose bark, stones, hay, twigs…
Either way, be sure to leave wide enough entrances for bigger friends, such as hedgehogs.

- Install bird boxes in your garden for an important oasis for visiting birds. Be sure to put your bird boxes high up and in sheltered areas if possible. For spring and summer hang fat balls (see our fat balls recipe here) and for wintertime seeds are best.