Craft Emma Bridgewater patterned paperchain decorations

Craft Emma Bridgewater patterned paperchain decorations

Deck the halls with these glorious patterend paperchains. Glue sticks at the ready.


  • Cut your chosen patterns out into strips and don’t worry about being too precise. We suggest printing Landscape and cutting them to around 20cm length.

  • You can also glue two strips white backs to back to give a double sided patterned effect.

  • Take your patterned strip and fold it around so that the two ends meet and glue one end to the other forming a ring shape. Pinch until dry and the glue holds. You can also use clear Sellotape here too.

  • Take another strip of paper and pass it through the middle of the ring  you have just created and fix it to the end of the strip with glue. You should now have two rings that are interlinked.

  • Repeat this process, adding a new ring to the one previously created until you have a lovely long chain.

  • Drape across a mantlepiece,  hang from your banister or deck your halls, Emma Bridgewater style!