Why Everyone Needs a Butter Dish

Why Everyone Needs a Butter Dish

If butter is on your shopping list, give it a home of its own with a nice-looking butter dish!

Practical as well as good looking, our butter dishes are lovingly hand-crafted at our Stoke-on-Trent factory and decorated in some of our iconic patterns. They make a great table centre-piece or a lovely housewarming gift for a friend. Perfectly sized for half a pound of butter, ready to spread on your morning toast, jacket potatoes and everything in-between!

What is a butter dish & how do you use one?

Before fridges existed, butter was kept in a dish on the dining table which was covered until the next meal.

Homemade butter used to be round hence you’ll often find round butter dishes, sometimes known as Butter Crock or a Butter Bell.  As technology progressed, butter was made in the form of sticks and blocks and butter dishes changed to fit!

Do you keep a butter dish in the fridge? Butter dishes allow butter to be kept at room temperature, keeping it nice and soft for use whilst also helping to protect it. You do not need to refrigerate butter in a butter dish, but if in doubt, you can always check the packaging.

How long does a butter last in a butter dish? You can store butter in a butter dish for about a month - if you haven't devoured it already!


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