30 Years of Toast & Marmalade

30 Years of Toast & Marmalade

Here’s to one of our most popular patterns: Black Toast. We’ve been dispensing wit, wisdom and common sense across glass, wood, enamel, pottery and tin for 30 years now, and are never, ever at a loss for words. 

Since 1992, Toast & Marmalade has been one of our most popular and recognisable designs with over 2.5 million items produced for customers around the world.

Bring Back Your Favourite

To celebrate 30 (glorious) years, we're bringing back some pieces from our archive!

Vote for your favourite below and the winning piece will be relaunched next spring.

Toast & Marmalade Through The Years

Originally inspired by a vintage ‘Votes for Women’ suffragette plate discovered by Emma on a trip to New York, an 8 ½ inch plate was the first item to be designed with the wording ‘Toast & Marmalade’ and ‘Kedgeree’. It remains one of Emma’s favourites today.

Speaking about the Toast & Marmalade collection, Emma says: “When Matthew and I drew the first Toast & Marmalade pieces (well he drew, and I wrote), we knew that it was going to fly – and indeed it was an instant classic and the range quickly expanded. I believe the secret of its success is its modesty, simplicity and directness – and the slightly offbeat content and tone of the text.”

Emma Bridgewater Toast and Marmalade Archive

Experimenting with small significant lettering combinations, veering towards strength and simplicity (and capital letters) the original wording was in fact 'Toast & Marmite' (Marmite a favourite of Emma's) and 'Kedgeree', before finally becoming 'Toast & Marmalade’ and ‘Kedgeree’-  marmalade, of course, being a vital ingredient for a happy kitchen! Try Emma's recipe here.

Emma Bridgewater Toast and Marmalade Archive Scripting

The Toast & Marmalade wording has become a defining and light-hearted (though still heartfelt) vocabulary for our customers, from Bubble & Squeak and Lapsang Souchong to I Love You More Than Elvis and True Love & High Adventure. It’s short and sweet statements and playful tones make Toast & Marmalade always a joy to serve up at the dinner table.

Emma Bridgewater Toast and Marmalade Archive


Much of the original pottery remains unchanged, however - the collection has grown dramatically and now embraces a vast number of themes and colours across a range of products including kettles, glassware, tea towels, chopping boards and toasters.

A Full House

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Emma Bridgewater Toast and Marmalade Archive