Behind The Design: Trees & Leaves

Behind The Design: Trees & Leaves

When paths on the way to school or the station become strewn with the horse chestnuts, conkers and acorns, you know autumn is on its way and tree planting season is right around the corner.

Britain's generally mild damp climate is kind to trees, they grow magnificently here. We have more trees per sq. acre than any other country in Europe! Our new Trees & Leaves patterns were designed to celebrate and acknowledge our great trees. Have you noticed the winged fruit of the sycamores,  or the intricate cones of the Scott Pine? Or spotted nesting birds in the Hawthorn tree and marvelled at an incredibly old Oak?

The designs were developed, almost solely, by real life observations of trees and leaves. Our design team created sketches and artwork by taking a close look at some of their favourite trees, experimenting with colour as well as large and small scales. After working up a pattern, the team moved onto styling, looking at how the pattern could be sponged on the full collection of pottery shapes and  textile pieces, playing with layout and colourways.


Watercolour Illustration above: Scots Pine. 


Watercolour Illustration above: Acorns and Oak Leaves 


Watercolour Illustration above: Horse Chestnut.


Watercolour Illustration above: The Common Lime Tree. 

Let’s get to grips with our long relationship with these magnificent beings - perhaps by making a special tree trip; to the ancient oaks at Blenheim or Windsor, where there are trees so venerable that Queen Elizabeth the First is said to have sat beneath them.

We should make friends with the trees in our neighborhood, not least in case we need to reason with contractors keen to clear them away for more development! (if you're in London you can consult the London Tree Map...)