June In The Garden

June In The Garden

June In The Garden

There’s so much to enjoy (and do!!) in the garden this month. The spring flowering bulbs have been tidied up to make room for the full-bodied summer perennials and I am improving the supports and staking using branches trimmed from the espaliered pear trees in the factory garden and the pliable off cuts of silver birch gathered back in February. The use of sustainable, natural materials not only looks good but is a fantastic way to reduce our carbon footprint and use of plastics in the garden.

We've had very little rain for most of May and June, so it's watering cans at the ready... it's time consuming but so worthwhile when we can harvest strawberries in June.


Happy gardening,


Meet Our Factory Gardener Jayne (24th - 25th June)

Jayne is the green-fingered expert behind our beautiful oasis in the heart of the city as well as all the colourful beds and borders around the factory and the stunning floral arrangements you'll see in our shops and cafe too.

Jayne is a fount of gardening knowledge and she'll be sharing her expertise as well as handy tips and tricks from 11am to 3pm on Saturday and Sunday (24th - 25th June 2023).

Find out the best way to stake your plants using natural support to keep your displays looking great, learn about natural and homemade pesticides and successional planting for colour and flowers through the summer and ask Jayne all your gardening questions.

No booking required, just pop into the garden which you'll find off the Gift Shop where there'll be a warm welcome waiting for you.