Recipe for a Sleep Spray

Recipe for a Sleep Spray

Drift off blissfully with our recipe for magic sleep spray.

Having let your brakes off and your hair down throughout December's party season, January is when thoughts of health and well-being join the New Year to-do list.

So, here is a little recipe for you to make the most of your down time: a simple aromatherapy pillow mist to help you to drift off to sleep. Make a batch up for yourself, and if you are feeling extra-generous, make some for your friends and family too. After all, is there any better gift than a good night’s sleep?


You will need:

30 ml Witch Hazel

30 ml distilled water

20 drops organic lavender oil

10 drops organic camomile oil

1 x 60ml amber glass spray bottle


Simply combine the ingredients in the glass bottle. Shake well before use and apply 2/3 spray to your pillow before bedtime.