Set the Scene for an Eerisistible Halloween

Set the Scene for an Eerisistible Halloween

We dare you to jump into the magic and mayhem of our new Halloween Collection... 


Let The Rumpus Begin

Chaos and mischief reign supreme on Halloween, as trainee witches ride home from school on their broom sticks to prepare their potions. Is that a spider in my cupcake? Are there worms in my tea? Brace yourself for tricks, treats and lots of good magic...

Mugs for Magic Potions

Find the plumpest pumpkin possible and settle down to a happy hour of carving with tea - or even something boo-zy - in your very own mug.


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Kitchen Witchery

Don’t be tempted by quick-fix supermarket solutions; that is where the dark side lingers. When those acrylic demons come a knocking, offer them something unappetisingly home-made instead....


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Plates for Beastly Baking & Bowls of Magic

Shop bowls for jellied snakes and plates for squashed fly cakes...


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Nasty Napkins & Table Runner

Our new Spooky Spells Napkins and Witch's Brew Table Runner make bewitching additions for your Halloween table. Why not place a line of lit pumpkins along the length of your table runner?


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