Christmas Stocking Fillers

Christmas Stocking Fillers

Of the many family Christmas rituals, late-night stocking stuffing has to be up there with the best of them. 

However organised you may have been in gathering up the contents, the act of wrapping everything in tissue paper and ramming it all into a straining woollen stocking always seems to be left until very late on Christmas Eve, and usually the wrong side of a rather indulgent dinner. 


For the perfect stocking fillers, go for a mix of the useful- tea towelsoven gloves, garden twine, and the luxurious- hand-made truffles, a carefully chosen small mug, a tube of lovely hand cream, a keepsake Christmas decoration

Add in a few pleasingly practical pieces like a reusable coffee cup and a pair of cosy walking socks, and don’t forget the obligatory tangerine and lump of coal (as even the most angelic amongst us must surely have erred at least once in the year just past) . 

Look out for acid-free tissue paper as it is easier to recycle, and stock up on plastic-free tape, or better still tie your packages up with string. 

And for anyone looking to save some time, or socks, try filling one of our jolly reversable fabric stockings or, for the extra generous, a Christmas present sack.

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