Napkin folding for your Christmas table

Napkin folding for your Christmas table

Set swans a-swimming across your Christmas table with this easy-to-follow napkin folding guide.  A great way to keep impatient small hands busy while the turkey cooks, use a mixture of pure white napkins and our jolly Christmas designs to create your own bevy of feathered beauties. Be sure to keep your folds crisp and make sure your hands, and more importantly those of any under-age helpers, are squeaky clean before you get set.


Start with the folded square napkin at a diagonal to you, with its 4 free corners pointing away from you (these will eventually be the tail feathers).


Now fold the square in half, folding from left to right, creating a sharp crease down the centre line.


Open the square back up, then fold the left and the right corners into the centre to form a kite shape.


Turn the napkin open and repeat, folding the outer corners of the kite shape into the centre.


Fold the shape in half from bottom to top to form the neck, then fold the top point back towards you to form the head.


Now turn the swan over and fold it in half vertically from left to right. Press down hard to establish the creases.


Pinch the base of the neck with your left hand, then gradually open up and shape your swan with your right. Pull at each leaf of the tail feathers to gently separate them, and push down at the base of the neck to form stable foundation.