Emma's Top Sale Picks

Tumbling blocks is one of my very fave patterns - in my own kitchen I use mugs and old bowls in this pattern with huge pleasure - and I’ve given away lots to friends.
 Bright Tumbling Blocks ½ Pint Mug

The anemone design was first produced nearly 20 years ago- and I fought for this colour combo because I love its mood.
Red & Blue Anemone ½ Pint Mug

Istanbul!- this mug is because of how much you loved your trip there- OR to remind you to get there soon- because everyone should experience the Hagia Sophia.
Istanbul ½ Pint Mug

I miss London so much- haven’t been there since lockdown started- this plate reminds me how much I love our capital city.
London at Night Oblong Plate

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