Celebrate your garden today

Emma says: I reckon that nothing is more restorative than time spent out of doors, whether striding about out out in the wilds, or pottering in my own garden. And the next most restorative thing is bringing the outside indoors!

I completely need to have green and growing things in my house and whether that’s a branch of lilac, a bunch of roses or an egg cupful of daisies picked before mowing the lawn- flowers and greenery are vital to my happiness and peace of mind.
Garden Day is a nationwide movement to inspire and bond people through nature and the happiness our gardens bring, calling on the great British people to share pictures, videos and anecdotes of their own piece of nature on Sunday 10th May – however large or small. Embrace your inner horticulturalist and find the joy and positivity a plant pot, window box or flower filled garden can bring, especially in these trickier times. 
Garden Day has put together a calendar of brilliant events for people to listen in on through IGTV and Zoom creating a huge virtual garden gathering to showcase the amazing healing powers of gardens and plants. Whether you get your kids involved with simple gardening activities or invite friends to join in a virtual celebration... let’s enjoy our gardens, house plants and green spaces as a nation with Garden Day UK on their Instagram.