Good Neighbours

In May 2020 we commemorate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. Despite the pandemic, we will be remembering that momentous and joyful day, when victory in Europe was declared and there was a glimmer of hope that it was the beginning of the end of the Second World War and those who continued to fight on the front lines elsewhere in the world would come home. At 11 am there will be a 2 minute silence as we remember the great sacrifices made by so many; and we will hear addresses from the Queen, the Prince of Wales and the Prime Minister.

After that there will be parties. Because that's how we cope, we get together, with friends family and neighbours, whether over the fence or on phones, or screens, to connect, to support each other and to affirm that we are all going through these testing times together.

Maybe the challenges, sadness, and for many the great grief of bereavement of the past weeks - these tumultuous emotions will connect us to VE Day with a poignant intensity. And I'm sure we will revel in the spirit of the street parties which took place all over Britain in May 1945- even if on this particular year they have to be held on our doorsteps, or balconies, back gardens, or even in our kitchens.

So get out (or make?!) some bunting, cut piles of sandwiches, brew a monster pot of tea and find some swing music on Spotify to set the scene: maybe check in with your neighbours to make sure they are not totally alone, and call an old friend you've been out of touch with. Have a happy day and stay safe!