New in! Cotton Bags and Q&A with The Beeswax Wrap Co.


Have you seen our newest The Beeswax Wrap Co. items? Our new Vegetable Garden Cotton Bags are your perfect plastic-free replacement when buying groceries. Use for your fruit and veg or for collecting dried foods such as pasta! These bags are also great for filling with your beeswax wrapped food on-the-go.

Each bag is made in India from certified organic cotton fabric and printed with low-impact dyes, and finished with a secure drawstring closure.

Take a look at our new Cotton Bags and our Beeswax Wraps here.


We recently did a Q&A on our Instagram Stories with Fran, the founder of The Beeswax Wrap Co., where she talks all things Beeswax Wraps. Don't worry if you missed it, we've added it below for you to read and enjoy!

How do you start a sustainable and eco friendly business?

‘My biggest advice would be to stick to your guns and not compromise on your standards. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to ensure those you are working with are also sustainable. Do your research and join the B Corp community as they are a great resource for sustainability and help you measure your impact on our planet’

What else should I use my wraps for, other than covering bowls?

‘The uses are almost endless! From handy snack & storage pouches to plastic-free bouquets and piping bags. They also keep your food fresh for much longer!’ 

See even more clever uses for beeswax wraps here.'

Are your wraps made of organic and local ingredients?

‘Our beeswax wraps are all made by hand in our Cotswolds workshop using GOTs certified organic cotton, organic jojoba oil, pine resin and locally sourced British beeswax. We work very closely with our suppliers and beekeepers to make sure we are working with only the best’

Do they keep veg fresh?

'Yes! It’s one of our favourite things about them, the naturally antibacterial qualities of the materials we use mean that your food is protected but can still breathe. As our Black Toast wraps say, they keep your sourdough fresh and your watercress crunchy!' 

How do you clean them?

‘Our wraps are seriously easy to clean. Just fill your sink with cold water and a bit of dishwashing soap, pop your wraps in and use a sponge or brush to give them a good scrub! Once cleaned, give them a rinse and hang to dry.’


Best way to re-wax?

‘Rewaxing your wraps will help them last another year or more and is brilliant for making our eco product even more sustainable. Use our secret-blend relax bar for easy steps to brand new wraps.'


Can the wraps be recycled or reused once they get old?

‘Yes they can! Follow our tutorial (above) for tips on rewaxing old wraps to give them a new lease of life. We recommend relaxing as many times as you can until the fabric starts to wear. When they get really old, simply pop them in your compost to naturally biodegrade.’